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19 August 2019

Thank you For The Funk Of It!!

I have been trying (for almost a week now) to come up with the perfect words to express exactly how magical and special the experience is to be a part of For The Funk Of It music festival. Then I realized that anyone who has been there knows all of this but still I must take a moment to recognize. We all come together as a community to make this beautiful event what it is. It really can’t be captured by words but here I am trying. This year was next level. Absolutely next level.

Everyone’s hearts were so full of love that they overflowed into the wedding of Heather Vice &George Brahler. (Congrats you crazy kids!) Thank you two for sharing your love with all and honoring me with the job of flower-girl.

Thank you to my Artist Liaison crew, Erin WallaceJeff DonovanCourtney HarringtonLuke HutchinsAllison Milam, Tristan,Kristin McMasterScott RoseKristin Eartha Bright,Gabe ZapataAmalik AliceaKari GreeneTracy ZapataDouglas MakelaJoe Morant, Tamika, and of course my biggest supporter, partner & master of the Unicorn Palace, Todd Spor Smith. Thank you to all of you for being such amazing team players through all the challenges thrown in our direction. Thank you to all the rest of the staff and your crews, Donna, Jen, Tom, Tanner Kyle, Darby, Lauren Elledge, Aaron, Frank, LaLa, Ninja, Dan and all the rest. And of course, let’s not forget the two biggest and most important THANK YOUS for Bob Backstrom and Spencer Djspenny Rouse for creating this event for all of us to be a part of.

If our goal is for every patron and artist to have a beautiful and magical experience, then we did it. I can’t wait for our festy family to come together next year and continue to grow what we have created in the special & magical place known as Belden. Oh yeah…& thank you Belden!

Best of BISS

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