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03 November 2020

BISS 11.3.20 : There is still time to #VOTE!! / New Band, New Music / Rare Sounds on Vinyl 😊

Dear BISS Listers,

Did you #VOTE? Today is the day and every voice should be heard! Are you not sure where to drop off your ballot? Or maybe you are worried about the safety of voting in person? Did you know that they have such a well organized and covid safe plan at Civic Center that it’s been mentioned on national news as a model for every city in the country to follow? Or maybe you aren’t registered? Did you know that California offers Same Day Voter Registration?  Go on now… Handle it. I’ll wait… #VOTE

Now let me tell you a little story about my weekend to distract you from the news that results from the above request….

This past weekend was as close to “normal” as I have had in… well a good long while… On Friday, some friends picked us up and we went to a show and saw (#live and  #inperson) Los Lobos with Doobie Decibel System. On Saturday, we went to see (#live and #inperson) Mother Hips for Halloween. On Sunday, I was up early to drive to a (#live and #inperson) yoga session in a secret garden in Marin. Then drove back to the city to meet up with some friends (#live and #inperson) for a birthday celebration in the park.

See? It sounds almost ‘”normal”, right? But let me clarify this NEW normal…

Friday, we went in the car with friends who are in our “bubble”.  We all got tested just a few days before. We all wore masks in the car and had the windows down on the way there and back. We watched the show outside next to the car in the fresh air under a full moon. #newnormal

The LIVE and INPERSON music on both Friday and Saturday night were Cruise-Ins at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo brought to you by Mr. Hat Presents. You get a 15×20 space for your car. You park it on the right side of the parking space and then you have the left side of the car to dance or set up chairs if you like. Thank you to everyone who was respectful of the protocols in place to keep everyone safe. It was amazing!! When we ran into friends (#live and #inperson) on the way to the food trucks or bathrooms, it was hard not to hug. I have moved from the elbow bump to the booty to booty bump. So instead of touching elbows which puts your faces close, you go butt to butt which is also way more fun! Think about it…  #newnormal

Anyone who knows me at all, would NEVER believe me when I said I was up early on Sunday for yoga in the woods. On both counts, up early and yoga. It was a small group, we all wore masks and we were legit socially distanced. #newnormal

I got back to the city and headed to the panhandle where we had a small group all hanging out socially distanced and wearing masks celebrating a friend’s birthday. #newnormal

Yes… The world is changing. The BISS List is adapting.. Our goal has always been to tell our subscribers about the best live music (heavy on the funk and jam) recommended by our independent crew of die hard music fans.  We are updating our website calendar on www.bisslist.com as we speak so please be patient as we ramp back up. Feel free to send suggestions of LIVE (online or in person) music to biss@bisslist.com. Our disclaimer still stands: BISS list is not an objective news source, but we do discriminate equally. We will do our best to include all submissions and list them correctly, but please be patient as we are a small operation and highly imperfect. Thanks for your continued support! B*I*S*S

Today’s Featured Live Music (Online & Free): 
#iVoted Festival
Today, HeadCount is capping a record-setting year of get-out-the-vote efforts by sponsoring its own virtual stage during the #iVoted Festival, the largest single-night digital concert in history, taking place on November 3rd for election day. The HeadCount stage will feature the Everyone Orchestra performing a live “Soundtrack to History,” following performances and appearances by Trey Anastasio, Jim James (of My Morning Jacket), Fantastic Negrito, Umphrey’s McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Taking Back Sunday, Dreamers, Citizen Cope, Saves The Day, Demo Taped, Geographer, Jesse Ruben, Hollis Brown, A Conversation with Julien Baker and Rhea Butcher, as well as exclusive video messages from Billie Eilish, and MGMT, and a special message from Newport Festivals Foundation.

Upcoming Featured Musical Livestream
Jazz Mafia’s Livestream Tuesdays
Jazz Mafia is a long time BISS List favorite ground breaking collective of musicians, composers & producers that create soulful hybrid music. Known for horn heavy beats, powerhouse vocals, and innovative strings, we have committed ourselves to inspiring minds, elevating spirits, and smashing musical boundaries since the year 2000. https://www.patreon.com/jazzmafia

New Music Video from a Newly Formed Band:
Stop The Music by Marble Eyes: https://bit.ly/MarbleEyesStopTheMusic
Marble Eyes, made up of bassist Eric Gould (Pink Talking Fish), guitarist Mike Carter (The Indobox), drummer Adrian Tramontano (Kung Fu) and keyboardist Max Chase (Amulus), is a band formed out of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the band was announced, they explained (in their Facebook bio) that Gould had “built up a large list of original songs that have not been realized” during his seven years in Pink Talking Fish. He brought some of the songs to Carter, who brought Chase into the fold. From there, Gould enlisted Tramontano, a jam-scene staple who has played in Kung Fu and The Breakfast, among other projects. (READ MORE)

Rare Sounds On Vinyl: 

Own The Records that Shaped Scene of the Funk & Soul Revival
Curated by Eddie Roberts telling the stories of the Funk & Soul Revival through classic records that shaped the scene.
Rare Sounds is a vinyl club telling the story of the “Funk-Soul Revival” through the 1990’s and 2000’s, inspired by funk, soul, jazz and boogaloo music of the 1960’s. The artists and bands of this time were moved into action to bring the analog grooves back from the dusty records they obsessed over into the sweaty clubs they played in, instilling this new sound with the vigor of youth and the innovation of musical perspective. This community of musicians, DJs, and crate-digging aficionados were dotted across the world in small pockets of interest in parts of the U.S., Japan, U.K. and other cultural hamlets, tenuously connected through word of mouth, live performances and curated listening experiences. Though initially disparate, the community’s collective identity and influence grew over time into some of the most renowned musicians, creators and tastemakers of the modern live music scene.
Join Rare Sounds: The Story of The Funk & Soul Revival: https://bit.ly/RareSoundsVinylClub

I know. I get it. Life is not the same as it was “pre-pandemic”.
I really believe that we can do this.

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