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15 March 2020


Dear BISS Listers,

How is everyone doing out there? This Covid-19 thing is a little nuts, huh (to say the least!)?  Seems like all of our lives have been affected in many ways and this may be just the beginning.

Personally, my allergy-affected asthmatic cough has been kicking up for weeks due to the dry weather we had been having. Kinda freaks people out as you might imagine. Then my doctor suggested that it also puts me at higher risk and therefore, I should keep myself home in order to avoid the possibility of contracting Covid-19 myself.

Please note that BISS List is not a medical site. We are experts on the scene, not the microbial world. However, we highly advise ALL BIST LISTERS refer to credible health sources here for accurate info, such as the CDC Directly. Please avoid hearsay or those ubiquitous, “a letter from my friend at the CDC…”.

Remember, this outbreak will lessen and end and we here at BISS List want to see all of you front and center on future dance floors because you were smart enough to know when and how to exercise caution during this time.

If there is one thing that keeps the BISS List and our funky, jammy community going, it is live music! So what can we do right now when “social distancing” is the name of the game?

First off, we need to keep musicians and venues and everyone in the live music ecosystem in our thoughts as it’s going to be a rocky road ahead for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the ways that BISS is going to do what we can to help, and we’d love to hear from you as well:
  • We will be keeping our page as updated as possible for show cancellations and venue closings, but also for re-openings when they happen.
  • We are going to extend the promotion of free banner ads for shows and venues when the time comes to help get the word out.
  • BISS is happy to support bands by promoting their paid downloads of their music, providing links to merch, etc. Musicians -What else can we do to help you during this time? Venues?
  • How can we help promote and monetize live music via live-streamed , or recorded video sessions to help support you until venues are up and running again??
  • WE, the music fans, want to support all of you (venues & artists) all the way through this so that when we get through this we can come together again as a community and celebrate through live music again!
In the meantime fans, please support musicians’ Kickstarter campaigns like Kate Vargas‘s, listen to a lot of great music while you’re cooped up at home saving money, watch live music on pay per view (see links below and check bisslist.com), look out for your neighbors, and let’s all hope for a fast resolution.
How about reading about great musicians? BISS List has another amazing interview fresh off the keyboard from BISS List Contributing Editor, Josh Danson, with the Mcfabulous Eric McFadden to entertain you and tell you more about the Kate Vargas Kickstarterhttp://bit.ly/BISSInterviewEmac
I had originally intended this section here to give a list of cancellations with the follow up intention of updating the list when things start opening up. However, since I started putting this write up together, I have gathered information for online live music by our friends. That is way more positive use of space.
In the interest of getting this out in time for the first show at 5pm tonight, I am only including a few things for tonight.  So please check for updates to this post on www.bisslist.com.

#keeplivemusicalive ONLINE EVENTS

Sunday March 15th
Skerik Band live at Skerik’s studio @ 5pm
Lineup: Skerik – Tenor Sax, Vocals; Damian Erskine – Bass; Andy Coe – Guitar, Vocals; Tarik Abouzied – Drums; Jason Cressey – Trombone; Gordon Brown – Baritone Sax; Ahamefule J. Oluo – Trumpet

An Evening Live with Michael Rosen @ 7pm PST

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Staying Alive-Stream: A Corona Distraction @ 6pm
Featuring: Shira Elias (Turkuaz), Alex Wasily (Dumpstaphunk), Andee Avila (Andy Frasco & the UN), Ben ‘Smiley’ Silverstein (The Main Squeeze), Max Newman (The Main Squeeze), Adryon DeLeon (Orgone/Matador Soul Sounds), Enrique Sanchez (Aloe Blacc), Drrick Wong (Shots Fired), Terence Jack
Suggested Donation $10 @ideaison on Venmo or Lauren@ideaison.com on paypal. This goes to the artists to show relief.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Casa Del Sol’s First Ever Quarantine Stream
Getting bored in isolation? All your favorite concerts were just canceled? Let Johnny Mo connect us all together for the first Quarantine Stream. Enjoy live music from the comfort of your doomsday bunker. Details for the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch streams will be released 24 hours prior to the show.


Master Classes with Eric McFadden
If you’re staying home, try some One on one online guitar master classes with Eric McFadden.
Inquire at ebmcfadden@gmail.com
$125 per hour / introductory 4 lesson package at $400
$150 per 1 1/2 hours / introductory 4 lesson package at $500 #ericmcfadden #guitarlessons


LiveConcerts.stream is a music streaming platform that broadcasts live concerts on-location and showcases music videos, making it easy for fans to support their favorite artists through easy online donations and to discover new music remotely. Video content is simultaneously broadcast to Twitch and Facebook to maximize viewership, but it’s easiest to watch and donate below.
This is a free service for artists and audiences. During live concert broadcasts, 100%* of audience donations will go directly to the artists. If you value and want to support this service, donations at any other time supports the operation of the site.
*minus PayPal transaction fees of ~2.9%

Check out this curated list as well of 15 full show videos we have up: bit.ly/NugNetFullConcerts
[As you know}, I work for nugs.net – all our livestreams are listed on www.nugs.tv – we have a pay per view options and work with venues and artists all over the country, to stream events both free and paid, allowing profits for artists seeking alternative options during this time! Many more announcements coming this week…..Send industry and artist friends my way if they are seeking ways to stream with monetizing options or broader audiences! paywall and donate streaming is so clutch. Email: arya@nugs.net

Online Music Festival and Events Calendar: Until COVID-19 ends, artists are moving their events online, and we need a place to find them. Stay At Home Fest brings these events together into a massive ongoing music festival-style calendar, along with a curated “Main Stage Event.” We can slow the spread of COVID 19, support the artists we love, and fight the effects of isolation. Stay at home. But stay together.

Til Further Notice (Listed on Stayathomefest)
Luck Reunion is an exclusive anti-festival that inspired an experience-driven community. Willie Nelson is our landlord.#luckfamily

Viral Music –Because Kindness Is Contagious

Living Room Lounge

Busking Down The House



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