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20 October 2020

BISS LIST: 10.20.20 – The BISS is BACK! #VOTE!!

My Dear BISS List friends,


How have you been? So much has happened since I last checked in with you almost 6 months ago. This pandemic has grown in numbers no one ever imagined #wearamask. Civil unrest over inequality is at an all time high #blacklivesmatter. And the fires have raged throughout the state of CA #globalwarmingexists.


In over 17 years of The BISS List, I have always been determined to keep politics out but this year, our voices must be heard to effect the changes we need to make this country a better place to live!


So please be counted and let your voice be heard!! #VOTE


Now let’s talk about the music…


The BISS team is working on a relaunch of the website in order to provide you with all the #livemusic you want to know about.  So watch the BISS List web site for changes to come. In the meantime, keep an eye on the BISS FB page for daily posts and events.


If you are looking for real in person safe and socially distant LIVE MUSIC, here are some ways to get it!

Mr. Hat has brought live music back to the Bay with a new Cruise-In Concert Series at the Solano County Fairgrounds. These are vehicle-based, all ages, socially distant, visually stunning shows.

Join us for Halloween weekend as Mr. Hat Presents TWO NIGHTS of outdoor, socially distant and safe #livemusic!




Not ready to go OUT for your dose of live music?
Then order in with Curbside Concerts. Bringing live music back safely one driveway at a time!!
Here are just a few of the amazing artists you could book to come play privately for you!
*Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini
*Mark Karan
*Jordan Feinstein and the RituaL
*Eric McFadden
*Pamela Parker
*Jason Movrich & Friends
**ARTISTS, Contact me, your Curbside Ambassador, if you want to sign up! #SpreadTheWord

Here is a fresh song with an awesome video that was just released last week!!
Song by Dave Ridnell featuring Daniel Cohen and Matt Baxter. Audio and video produced by Daniel Cohen of Blue Girl Productions. Art by Martin Norman. #sniffymcadderall #daveridnell #americana #thismachinekillsfascists  #altcountry #reclaimourvote



We thought it might be fun to revisit the old days when we used to show hop from venue to venue to take in all the #livemusic we could handle. So we are reaching into the BISS List archives to see where we we were going to see live music in the past.  This week we are featuring a BISS from 12 years ago today, October 10, 2008.  Were you at any of these shows?




**Got feedback? We’ll take it. Might not listen but we’ll take it… email biss@bisslist.com

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