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15 November 2019

BISS LIST 11.15.19: Happy Birthday Bo! + The shows YOU are going to see this week!

Happy Birthday to Bo!! Yes, I know, he’s been gone for a few years now, but he is not forgotten by me or by many of you. And so, we celebrate him on his birthday 11/15 each year at Sheba Lounge as we did when he was with us…

You may not know this, but he is part of the reason why we still have the BISS List. I was only just recently told by Phil, that Bo made him promise to help me keep the BISS List going and to never let it fade out…

So, in honor of Bo, I thought I should send out a BISS List today…

I am going to cheat… just a little bit. (or else I am going to be late for the bday celebration)

A few days ago, I posted on Facebook asking “What’s on YOUR music calendar this week (and next)?” And I agree with pretty much all your suggestions so that’s what I am going to tell you about here… Of course, you can find LOTS more on the BISS List web site. Be sure to scroll down to the section with BEST OF THE BISS to see a FULL listing of the best recommendations…

Here are the BISS SHOW that YOU are all going to this week…

November 15:

November 16:

Joseph “Ziggy” Modeliste is an American drummer best known as a founding member of the funk band The Meters. He is widely considered an innovator in the funk genre and New Orleans style drumming. The Meters’ music had a defining role and set the stylistic tone of New Orleans funk.

November 17:

November 18:

November 21:

November 22:

November 23:

December 5:

Now I could continue on and on….

However, since we put all this effort into creating and launching the NEW and IMPROVED BISS LIST WEB SITE… I am going to send you there to see more.

So now go on over to www.bisslist.com and check it out. (Please?)  Be sure to scroll down to the BEST OF THE BISS section cause I know that’s your favorite part!!

If you find we are missing something, then go ahead and add the show on our Event Submission page! NOTE: We are STILL a totally biased musical news source and highly imperfect… We may have forgotten or maybe we didn’t…?



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