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30 December 2020

BISS LIST 12.30.20 : Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021! Put it in the Dumpsta!

Happy New Year BISS Listers!!

Let’s talk about music to ring out this year before we talk about the year we just had…

We’ve added lots of great {virtual} concerts and other entertainment to the BISS LIST calendar andl ist of featured shows on www.bisslist.com.

BISS Pick for Weds, 12/30 @ 6pm (PT)
PATTI SMITH: Join Patti and Her Band for a performance on her birthday
TICKETS ($15): https://bit.ly/PattiSmith123020

BISS Pick for NYE Thurs, 12/31 @ 7pm (PT) – midnight+
NYE from NOLA: Celebrate NYE in every time Zone:
Samantha Fish from Chickie Wah Wah – Kicking it all off
Anders Osborne from DBA – Ringing in the East Coast
Galactic from Tipitina’s Ringing in Central Time
Rebirth Brass Band from The Maple Leaf Ringing in the Mountain Time
Dumpstaphunk from The Howlin Wolf – Ringing in the West Coast WE ARE GONNA PUT 2020 in the DUMPSTA!!
++Special guests George Porter, Jr., Kermit Ruffins, Big Sam and Ani Di Franco,
Hosted by John Goodman!
TICKETS ($29.99): https://bit.ly/TipsTV

On to my thoughts on 2020… I know what you are thinking, let’s just drop the whole year in the dumpsta and set it on fire. Almost done. Almost gone. But before the ashes blow away, stop to appreciate one thing. Just one if you can. Smile about it right now…

I think back to March when my doctor suggested that due to my asthma acting up, I should self isolate. That was one week before the SIP order went into effect for San Francisco and we have remained pretty locked down ever since.

By May, I was getting scared as I tried to get up the nerve to ask a tech client for an advance to cover my rent. I was going into full panic about what to do if help wasn’t possible.

We put a lot of thought into how to survive and stay sane for however long this situation would last…. We rearranged our tiny apt so that we had a corner of the living space to keep activities separate from each other (ie, kitchen table became dining room, couch became living room, desk became office) We started doing yoga with our friend Janna over Facebook which we still do. I joined a weekly call for inner reflection with a fantastic group of ladies. I started meditating every morning and sometimes at night before bed. We got a new rug which became our Pandemic Emotional Support Rug…. AKA shake it rug, hug rug, dance rug, laugh rug (I could keep going on the benefits here). Also, I made efforts to connect with friends over zoom and coffee to keep up vital relationships.

By June, the news was horrendous to watch. The Covid case and death toll was on the rise with nearly 1.9 million cases and 107,066 deaths. There were predictions that we would be exactly where we are now without some mitigation. (ahhhh… Science) Protests over George Floyd’s death, institutional racism and police violence were still taking place in many cities nightly with no good resolution. There were wildfires ravaging California and also Australia. Tornados destroyed the south (Poor Nashville !!). The murder hornets had threatened to take out the bees. I will not get into the names of people who we lost this year as there are too many good ones to name. I also won’t mention the big orange monster who tried to rule the world. Did I mention the Earthquakes and floods around the world in 2020?

Let’s stop there. I am sorry. I wasn’t trying to bring you down or rile you up… I just want to acknowledge a bit of the insanity that made 2020 and move on to the silver linings…

I tell you this for perspective not for sympathy. Many of you knew my late husband Bo. He started having some medical issues in 2008. By the end of 2011, it was clearly something serious affecting his motor skills but they didn’t know what it was. By 2012, they declared ALS. By this time in 2015 (Dec 14, 2015 RIP Robert Bo Mahoney), I was a widow. I kinda got lost on the “what’s next” of life for a while.

By July of 2020, I had started to establish solid routines in my daily life. I interviewed for a huge contract and brought on a biz partner for my tech support and training biz. (Corey, you are a rock star!) We parlayed our tech skills into super expert skills in Zoom virtual event production (complete with training documentation).

So here we are at the end of 2020… I am loving my job. I am paying my rent. My relationship with my life partner is better than ever (which is truly impressive given the size of the space we share). I still meditate daily. I still do yoga with Janna twice a week (live but virtually) with my life partner (Spor, you are my rock!). I am still spending time on weekly inner reflections. I found joy in connecting virtually with long lost friends for coffee and zoom sessions…. I’ve appreciated the ability to “attend” live shows I might not otherwise be able to catch. Still shaking it out, dancing and hugging on the pandemic support rug on a daily basis. Think I might even still be sane…?

Life is life. There will always be ups and always be downs. Some more extreme than others. Sometimes you get lost for a while. Sometimes you find the silver linings.

Well that’s a wrap!! Buh Bye 2020!! R.I.P (as in Rest In Pieces)!

Ps. If you are buying tickets to the two shows I mentioned at the beginning of the message and you are still reading this… Email me with confirmation of purchase and I will send you the Zoom link to join us!

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