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21 March 2020

BISS LIST (03.20.20):: HOW TO #KEEPLIVEMUSICLIVE  …and other methods of social distancing that feels like social interaction (& sanity)

+tips to stay informed on COVID19

#1…Check WWW.BISSLIST.COM for all the scheduled  livestreams we think you wanna know about… We will be using the BEST OF THE BISS Section for all of it for now cause for now, it’s all the BEST! **You can add more shows by going to the Event Submission Page. (Use “Online Event” for the venue)- ALL TIMES PST

DAILY STREAMING SITES <for recent updates to this list see “Featured Sites“>


LiveConcerts.stream is a music streaming platform that broadcasts live concerts on-location and showcases music videos, making it easy for fans to support their favorite artists through easy online donations and to discover new music remotely. Video content is simultaneously broadcast to Twitch and Facebook to maximize viewership, but it’s easiest to watch and donate below. DOES THE MONEY REALLY GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTISTS? This is a free service for artists and audiences. During live concert broadcasts, 100%* of audience donations will go directly to the artists. If you value and want to support this service, donations at any other time supports the operation of the site*minus PayPal transaction fees of ~2.9%

Nugs.net and Nugs.TV 

A nugs.tv pay-per-view concert is a live (audio and video) stream of an entire concert to your computer. … nugs.tv webcasts can be watched on any Mac or PC computer as well as any iOS device or Android devices using the free nugs.net app.
Check out this curated list as well of 15 full show videos we have up: bit.ly/NugNetFullConcerts
[As you know}, I work for nugs.net – all our livestreams are listed on www.nugs.tv – we have a pay per view options and work with venues and artists all over the country, to stream events both free and paid, allowing profits for artists seeking alternative options during this time! Many more announcements coming this week…..Send industry and artist friends my way if they are seeking ways to stream with monetizing options or broader audiences! paywall and donate streaming is so clutch. Email: arya@nugs.net



Online Music Festival and Events Calendar: Until COVID-19 ends, artists are moving their events online, and we need a place to find them. Stay At Home Fest brings these events together into a massive ongoing music festival-style calendar, along with a curated “Main Stage Event.” We can slow the spread of COVID 19, support the artists we love, and fight the effects of isolation. Stay at home. But stay together.





EVENTS LIST: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Deadheadland/events/

Deadheadland.com is one of the top fan site for Deadheads and music fans!  

Grateful Dead related news, releases, and band member tour updates. 

Plus jambands, big tours and local scenes, music festivals, psychedelic lifestyle news, and more! A lot of fun stuff, reporting from the lot to the pit, from the campgrounds to the VIP lounges, and updates from both sides of the rail.  

DHL has been delivering fresh hot setlists to hungry heads for over 10 years, and in 2019 we go to The Eleven!


Viral Music–Because Kindness Is Contagious


EVENTS LIST: https://www.facebook.com/groups/622864291902580/events/

This group is a marketplace to connect music lovers and independent musicians during these hard days of social isolation.  Let’s keep the music playing.

ARTISTS: Use this joint to post links to your merch store, online shows, Patreon, or online music lessons.  If you’ve had a gig cancelled, post the city and your Venmo/PayPal—many of us would love to pass along our ticket refunds to you.  There are suggested topics for each of these options. Let us know how we can help. We want to help.

MUSIC LOVERS: Go shopping here.  Think about the joy the music gives you and open your heart and your wallet.  Add your music loving friends to this group. If you are member of other music related Facebook groups, post a link to this group there.  Invite musicians to this group. Let’s make this effort go viral faster than COVID-19.


Living Room Lounge


EVENTS LIST: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LivingRoomLoungeLive/events/

Welcome to the Living Room Lounge. A virtual venue where musicians share their songs from their living rooms to yours. Find upcoming and currently live streams here and see which living room your friends are hanging out in. Living rooms have never been so LIVE!

Our focus is to support our artists friends who are suddenly without gigs. We want to build audiences that can carry from stream to stream to help them get the word out and gather the community.  So, we are exclusively posting only FaceBook Live streams from musicians homes rather than content from different platforms or rebroadcasts of old content.


Busking Down The House


Our mission here is to come together during this crisis and put our sources together to help the music industry while it is temporarily out of order. 

As we know many artists, venues, crews, photographers, vendors and more are out of work while we maintain a social distance to ensure the well-being of the population. That being said, we are here to give back to the individuals and groups who are affected by the shut down. Oh, hey, and to all of you who love to see shows: Here’s a new way to chase music. 

Our goals are to continue to support our artists and crews while continuing to bring you music. We will also be collecting for charities helping the international crisis. 




Stageit is an online venue where artists perform live, interactive, monetized shows for their fans directly from a laptop, offering fans unique experiences that are never archived


Third Man Public Access


Third Man Records will launch a series of daily live-streamed performances dubbed “Third Man Public Access” from the Blue Room at its Nashville headquarters every day at 12 p.m. CT, kicking off with a set from new age steel pedal player Luke Schneider. The shows will take place every day on Third Man’s YouTube page for the “foreseeable future” and feature some of the label’s “favorite artists sharing whatever is inspiring them during this impossibly dystopian moment in time.” Fans can use Venmo or Paypal to tip the entertainers.


Melissa Ethridge @ 3pm PST Every Day


Melissa has announced that every day at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, she’ll do a Facebook live “singalong,” which will last about 15 minutes.  


Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) @ 4pm PST Every Day

“I know you are all really freaked out right now,” the band’s lead singer, Ben Gibbard, wrote in a letter to fans. “I am too. And while I’m proud that we’re all doing the necessary things at the moment to help flatten the curve, I know it has left us all incredibly isolated.” To that end, he announced he’ll be playing music live from his home studio every day at 4 p.m. PT for the next few weeks on YouTube and Facebook. He may even have a few guests stop by “digitally.”


Jambase Live Streams



KOFY TV Dance Party




Master Classes with Eric McFadden

If you’re staying home, try some One on one online guitar master classes with Eric McFadden. 

Inquire at ebmcfadden@gmail.com

$125 per hour / introductory 4 lesson package at $400

$150 per 1 1/2 hours / introductory 4 lesson package at $500 #ericmcfadden #guitarlessons


3 o’Clock Rock is now offering Online Music Lessons from the comfort of your home.

BOOK TODAY with one or more of our talented teaching staff:

Kathy Abellon – The Fevers- drummer

Brett Stillo – The Flakes – guitarist

Harley Isaac Rother – Sabertooth Rockers – guitarist

Jen Rund – bassist, and songwriter

Theo Gruber – guitarist, and songwriter

Ross Chait – Total Heat -drummer, guitarist, singer songwriter

Bart Davenport – guitarist, singer, songwriter

Brendan Casey – pianist, drummer, guitarist

Amaury Diazandi-Kruggel- Flim Flam guitarist, bassist, drummer, keys, singer and songwriter

Lia Braswell – Drummer, singer, bassist, songwriter, guitarist

Donn Spindt – The Rubinoos – drummer, and vocalist

Dave Fox – The Traditional Fools guitarist, singer, bassist, drummer, and songwriter

Spencer Owings – Juicebumps Singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and drummer

Eagret – Nopes Guitarist, singer, songwriter, bassist, and drummer










Today is a perfect opportunity to support independent musicians and bands. People who have their music on bandcamp can post a link to your bandcamp page in the comments below


MORE SITES FOR ARTISTS (Streaming and Payments)

Sites to stream from: Twitch.tv, Facebook Live, Instagram, StageIt, Nug.tv, Liveconcerts.stream
Sites to get paid: Patreon, Venmo, Paypal
Restream – a freemium cloud multistreaming service, headquartered in Austin, Texas. It allows users to simultaneously stream video content to multiple platforms and social networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and LinkedIn.




Ballet classes

Yoga classs – Janna Barkin on Facebook Live M-W-F @ 12:30p

Games – What are you playing

Happy Hours – Zoom

Social Connection – Do it but practice some moderation



Please note that BISS List is not a medical site. We are experts on the scene, not the microbial world. However, we highly advise ALL BIST LISTERS refer to credible health sources here for accurate info, such as the CDC Directly. Please avoid hearsay or those ubiquitous, “a letter from my friend at the CDC…”.


Check the latest updates on the CDC: http://bit.ly/CDCInfoCovid19

Download Info Sheet from CDC: bit.ly/CDCInfoSheet


Protect yourself by recognizing misinformation:







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