Win Tickets


Check the win tickets rules to enter the contests!


** Read carefully cause the contest rules have changed **
FIRST, look through the BISS Calendar for shows that are marked with *WIN TICKETS*. Be sure to be entering no later than noon (maybe 11am to be safe) on the day of show keeping in mind that Saturday and Sunday requests should be in before noon on Friday
SECOND, spread the word about the show you want to win by sharing the information with your friends. Share the event info with your friends. This could be sharing the event or poster image online thru Facebook or Twitter or some other Social Media platform. For those of you NOT on Facebook…. (yes, I know there are a few of you out there), you could send a group email or text. Or maybe you’ll hang some signs on the bathroom wall at your office. (I say this because it HAS been done before). Maybe you just have a big loud mouth and you yell about it on the corner outside another show. No matter which way you choose, this is an important part of the contest so find a way to show us what you’ve done to spread the word when you email to enter.
THIRD, choose one of the following questions and include it in your answer… For now, we will keep the questions simple but check back soon cause the questions might just change! Be sure to include the show description & date for the show you want to win in the subject line.
1) Why do YOU subscribe to The BISS List?
2) Send us one email address for a new subscriber. It must be a NEW subscriber. And they must WANT to be added!!
3) Why should you represent for BISS crew at this show?
You all would be surprised at how many shows go without winners just because people think that they would never win. I mean what band/venue doesn’t want to make the extra money on ticket SALES over GIVEAWAYS but then again, why not try and see what happens!?