BISS List Presents: LAZWELL (w/ Bowie trib) + The Massive (Frasco Afterparty)

05 April 2024

BISS List Presents: LAZWELL (w/ Bowie trib) + The Massive (Frasco Afterparty)

Door Time: 8:00 pm
Show Time: 9:00 pm
Price: $15+

BISS List Presents a double funky bill! LAZWELL grabs hold like a purple-feathered Boa constrictor, delving into unexpected regions of Funk, Soul, Blues, and Jam Rock. If you thought this band was a party in the past, now with the addition of a horn section, they are a down right dance floor killah! Slaying reinvented covers and owning instantly lovable originals, they will leave jaws agape while keeping the dance floor humming. David Bowie’s flamboyant theatricality dances in LAZWELL’s melodies, fearlessly genre-hopping in their experimentation. Come see for yourself as they weave in and out of Bowie & LAZWELL originals throughout the night!

THE MASSIVE is the brainchild of Christopher Boa, music director for Sun Hop Fat, and features his passion for Afrobeat, Funk, and Acid Jazz. For 20 years, Boa has been a Band leader as well as horn section support for groups such as Vinyl, Monophonics, Polyrhythmics, Sepiatonics, Bump Foundation, Afromassive, Sun Hop Fat, and Moogot2. His sound has matured over the years and has a distinct voice both lyrical and at times full of passion emotion and edge. He is always searching, reaching for that moment when he disappears and only the music remains.

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