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26 December 2019

BISS LIST 12.26.19: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

Are you ready to ring in 2020 yet? I am! I am going to do it with a solid week of amazing music! I know there are tons of shows to choose from and you can find them all on BISS List.com. I am just going to lay out MY calendar of plans of the shows I have tickets to starting with tonight… (btw, you could win tickets for just about every one of the following shows and join me!)

Tonight, 12/26, my friends Daniel Cohen’s band, Danger Ate is playing for FREE at The Revolution Cafe from 5p-8:30.

Tomorrow, 12/27, I am starting the night early with cocktails and views at a variety of rooftop bars in SF… Then we’ll be starting the musical portion of the night at The Fillmore for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and Motet + DJ Logic, http://bit.ly/FillmoreCalendar. I hear they are flipping the closer for each night so not sure which of those two we will see first. Good thing we have a second night for this one! Because we are going to head over to The Chapel in the mission to catch New Mastersounds, who are ALSO playing two nights,

Then late night, tomorrow, Boom Boom Room will be the place to properly finish your night with THE W-BEEZ. You and I both know that the BBR will become the KDTU and Motet after party, not to mention NMS, right? http://bit.ly/BoomBoomRoomSF

Is that enough for a Friday night?

So then on to Saturday, 12/28…

First off, Happy Birthday to Mr. Zigaboo Modeliste! Show your love for the king of the funky drums by checking out this beautiful love ballad brings you right to the heart of the holiday season. Download and Share “Holiday Kiss” by Zigaboo Modeliste with your Friends and Family. http://bit.ly/ZigsHolidayKiss

If there wasn’t so much happening right here in the city, I might head to the Mystic for Monophonics, http://bit.ly/MysticTheatrePetaluma.

However, with a second night of Karl D + Motet + Dj Logic at The Fillmore and ALSO a second night of New Mastersounds at The Chapel. All of these players are long time friends and favorite musicians. So I am doubling up on all of it for the second night!

The final destination on Saturday night will be Boom Boom for Victor LIttle’s Big Hit which will again be the after party spot following Motet and KDTU and Logic and NMS… http://bit.ly/BoomBoomRoomSF  I have it on very good authority that the second set (after Fillmore) with Victor at BBR will feature Mr. Dave Watts from Motet on Drums… You never know who else might show up, right? #dontmissit

Spread the word NOW on all the shows I just mentioned I am going to, then email biss@bisslist.com to let us know and to enter to WIN TICKETS. Winners will be selected by noon on Friday. Tickets are still available thru the venues as well but not sure for how long!

Are we at Sunday yet? Day of rest? I think not. Cause Dumpstaphunk is at The Great American Music Hall. Uh oh, I still gotta get tickets for this one! http://bit.ly/GAMHEvents

Monday, the 30th… At the moment, we are discussing Green Leaf Rustlers at Sweetwater; Fantastic Negrito at The Chapel; or Dead & Company at Chase Center. We have a few days to decide and get tickets but we just aren’t 100% on the plan yet. And all of these shows are also on the 31st…

However, I AM sure that on the 30th, I am going to the Dead & Company Official After Party at Great Northern with Shady Groove + Little John & Friends. Going until 4am! Spread the word ! ** Win Tickets ** http://bit.ly/ShadyGroove.

December 31st, I will be at The Fillmore ringing in the new year with friends, family and Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
Spread the word! ** Win Tickets ** http://bit.ly/FillmoreCalendar

I know there are TONS of shows going (www.bisslist.com) on NYE but they will all end and guess who will still have live music playing… ? Yup, yup. We should all finish out the NYE celebration at Boom Boom Room with SOUL MECHANIX featuring an amazing super group of musicians. Going until 3am. http://bit.ly/BoomBoomRoomSF

By then we should be thoroughly exhausted….

Now I could continue on and on pst January 1st…. But at that point my brain will switch over to Jam Cruise mode.

So you can stay on top of the local scene by checking the NEW and IMPROVED BISS LIST WEB SITE right here!

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If you find we are missing something, then go ahead and add the show on our Event Submission page! NOTE: We are STILL a totally biased musical news source and highly imperfect… We may have forgotten or maybe we didn’t…?

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