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22 March 2023

BISS List 3.22.23: Toubab Krewe with Object Heavy (3.31) + Best of BISS this Week

Happy Vernal Equinox BISS Listers!

The vernal equinox, also known as the spring equinox, marks the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator, bringing equal amounts of daylight and darkness to Earth’s northern and southern hemispheres. For thousands of years, cultures around the world have celebrated the vernal equinox as a symbol of hope and possibility.

That sounds lovely. I like that, “hope and possibility” while the rain and winds whip against our windows, threatening to break through!

#LastWeekend, I saved up all my energy for Lantz Lazwell & The Vibe Tribe w/ DangerAte on Saturday night at Boom Boom Room! ‌If you have followed the BISS List at all in the last year or two, no doubt you know that I am a huge fan of the rising rock star, Lantz Lazwell. (Who me? Lantz’s manager?) ‌It’s also no secret that I am also a fan of up-and-coming band, DangerAte. (Yes, I have known the band leader, D3, since before he was born)  So of course I knew putting these two bands together at the Boom Boom Room would be a fantastic night of music! We had Lantz sitting in on DangerAte’s set. And then D3 sitting in on the B3 during Lantz’s set. I was again blown away by the vocal stylings of Miss Lady Chi. Pure luck for us that she happened to be in town this month and was available to bless the stage with Lantz Lazwell & The Vibe Tribe again. But then, to add the cherry on top, Mr. McFadden graced us with his presence. The P-funk tribute in honor of Fuzzy Haskins (original member of  Parliament) with Lantz, Lady Chi and Eric was truly awesome. Watching Lantz and Eric play off each other on stage was nothing short of SHREPPIC (Shredding + Epic= Shpreppic). #ICYMI, I captured some of the night for you. #yourewelcome

Clearly, we just didn’t get enough of Mr. Eric McFadden sitting in on Saturday… ‌+ We hadn’t gotten our Kate Vargas fix. So Sunday evening, we headed over to MikroBlak (Concept Boutique & Social Club).. It was a special intimate acoustic show with Sgt. Splendor Duo in a very cool location. #ICYMI, I captured some of the night for you. https://bit.ly/SgtSplendorDue_03-19-23-vids

#ThisWeekend starts on Thursday starting on 3/23 with DJ Williams at Boom Boom Room (*WIN*), then Scary Pockets on 3/24 at The Fillmore, then back to the Fillmore for ALO’s Silver Saturday 25the Anniversary party then across the street to the Boom Boom Room for Marshall House Project with Love Mischief opening. Though I am also torn on Melvin Seals with JGB  (*WIN* #onemorepair!) at the Warfield. PLUS, let’s not forget about Sugarhill Gang + Katdelic at Longboard! It is sure to be a good musical weekend.

#MarkYourCalendar for these amazing events in April!

But wait, there’s more! This week’s #ListenToThis is Stone Cold Lovinby Jazz Mafia.  Be sure to check it out below!

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~ Pamela aka Miss BISS



Toubab Krewe + Object Heavy

March 31st @ Boom Boom Room

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I was pretty excited to see that Toubab Crew was coming to the Bay Area to play at the end of March. One show at Sweetwater, one at Moe’s, and one at Boom Boom Room.

The lineup for the show at The Boom Boom Room on March 31st is incredibly solid: Toubab Krew and Object Heavy. I’m thrilled about this pairing—it’s going to be a great night!

I’ve been listening to Toubab Krew for quite some time. (As I am sure many of you have) Toubab Krew is a group of musicians from various backgrounds who play traditional West African music with modern instrumentation and influences from other cultures. The vibrant Asheville, NC-based instrumental powerhouse Toubab Krewe creates a sonic Pangaea that lustily swirls together rock, African traditions, jam sensibilities, international folk strains, and so much more.

I first came across Object Heavy when they were touring with Fred Wesley in 2016 (#ringabell?). However, over the last few years, since Richard Love joined them in 2018, my love for Object Heavy has grown exponentially! Object Heavy’s magnetic blend of classic Cadillac soul, effortlessly contagious dance grooves, vocal harmonies, and blazing musicianship is ripe for a live experience you don’t want to miss. Many of you experienced them when they opened for Orgone at the Indy last month. This is bound to be a little more special in the small intimate space we love, the one and only Boom Boom Room in SF.

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Listen to “Stone Cold Lovin” ft. Tiffany Austin & Daniel Casares by Jazz Mafia from their latest album, Family Business, Pt 2.

Guitars jangling with fat beats are the backdrop to the piercing vocals of West Coast Jazz/Soul diva Tiffany Austin (Oregone, Monophonics, Marcus Shelby) who co-wrote the song w/ Jazz Mafia founder Adam Theis. Daniel Casares is featured on sax solo (New Mastersounds, Dumpstaphunk, Otis McDonald, Atta Kid). The undeniable drumming is by frequent Jazz Mafia collaborator Jamie Moore (Sean Hayes) and B3 by Max Cowan (Atta Kid). The crew brings the hard funk with Jazzy undertones, a foundation of Bay Area music since the 70s.

This album marks the completion of one of Jazz Mafia’s most ambitious projects to date. In 2022, director Adam Theis and a brave team of core collaborators took on the challenge of producing and releasing a track every week for the entire year. The result is 8 EPs and 3 Full length Albums. The final release of this song cycle, Family Business Part 2, continues a series that explores their collaborations with a posse of top West Coast vocalists backed by trademark Jazz Mafia arrangements and 33 of their most dangerous musicians.

You can catch Jazz Mafia in its many amazing iterations all over the Bay Area: https://bit.ly/JazzMafiaShows

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03/22 Candybomber Productions Presents: Fray (Three Nights) @ Folsom Street Foundry

03/23 Candybomber Productions Presents: Fray (Three Nights) @ Folsom Street Foundry

03/23 DJ Williams @ Boom Boom Room  Win Tickets

03/23 The Cookers Ft. Billy Harper, Cecil Mcbee, George Cables, Eddie Henderson, Billy Hart, David Weiss And Donald Harrison @ Yoshi’s Oakland

03/23 ((folkYEAH!))) Presents: Lee Fields, SUN HOP FAT, James Wavey (DJ Set) @ The Chapel

03/24 Candybomber Productions Presents: Fray (Three Nights) @ Folsom Street Foundry

03/24 (((folkYEAH!))) presents: Lee Fields w/ Andre Cruz & Chris Lujan @ Moe’s Alley

03/24 Chum: A Tribute to Phish @ Ivy Room  Win Tickets

03/24 Los Amigos Invisibles @ Sweetwater Music Hall  Win Tickets

03/24 Scary Pockets @ The Fillmore

03/24 Oakadelic & Space Goat @ Boom Boom Room  Win Tickets

03/25 Dirty Cello @ HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol

03/25 Red Baraat: Festival Of Colors – Celebration Of Holi @ SF JAZZ @ Miner Auditorium

03/25 ALO Tour d’Amour XVI w/ Ron Artis II @ The Fillmore  Win Tickets

03/25 Dirty Cello @ HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol

03/25 Red Baraat: Festival Of Colors – Celebration Of Holi @ SF JAZZ @ Miner Auditorium

03/25 Los Amigos Invisibles @ The Independent  Win Tickets

03/25 Melvin Seals & JGB with special guests Cheryl Rucker, Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella, Rob Eaton, Ron Holloway, Wally Ingram @ The Warfield  Win Tickets

03/25 Sugarhill Gang + Katdelic @ Longboard Margarita Bar

03/25 The Sam Chase & The Untraditional, Van Goat, The Crux @ Hopmonk Tavern Novato

03/25 Marshall House Project + Love Mischief (and ALO Afterparty) @ Boom Boom Room  Win Tickets

03/27 A Post Punk Extravaganza: Winston Tong w Lx Rudis, Two Toiling Midgets, Longshoremen w special guest Meri St. Meri @ Bottom of the Hill  Win Tickets

03/28 OLD 97’S @ McNear’s Mystic Theatre

03/29 Toubab Krewe @ Sweetwater Music Hall  Win Tickets

03/29 Duane Betts & Palmetto Motel @ Felton Music Hall

03/29 Eric Lindell @ Moe’s Alley


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